Ramon Garcia was born in the Mission District of San Francisco, California, but he was raised by music. Growing up in his diverse section of the city, Ramon was no stranger to the sounds of the streets: he grew up on Salsa, Soul, Funk and Rock.

The mission district was the road to his personal musical journey, but growing up in a musical family had already set him up with a strong foundation.

His father was a salsa singer who recorded with various Latin artists in the 1960’s including Chepito Areas. His brother is an accomplished bass player and his cousin is a world-renowned conga player.

Inspired by the musical talents in his family, Ramon made it his mission to write his own musical story.

At fourteen years old, he was studying percussion with John Santos. At fifteen, he studied classical flute. And by eighteen, Ramon had started playing in Afro-Cuban and bands reminiscent of the ones he grew up listening to.

Garcia loved playing in Salsa bands, but still wanted to tap into the Soul music that he felt so deeply passionate about. His inspirations: Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye and Gil Scott Heron inspired him further so that he could keep growing in love with his own music.

Today, Ramon continues to explore his love of storytelling in the music he creates. He writes about global issues such as gentrification and climate change.

Ramon Garcia continues to perform his songs live with different artists and is set to release a single in the near future.